Send emails from Excel with CC and BCC

Generate emails from Microsoft Outlook based on the same template, but each customized using data from an Excel spreadsheet. Use different subjects for the emails, and have multiple recipients in the To, CC and BCC fields.

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Send emails from Excel with CC and BCC

It's Tuesday 1pm, you're sitting behind your computer and your boss has asked you to send the same email message from Microsoft Outlook to different recipients using data contained in an Excel spreadsheet. You don't want to send just generic emails out because you know that your recipients will not appreciate receiving these messages. No, you want each message to be customized for each contacts so that they feel you are talking directly to them.

Let's be clear about it: is the solution to your problem.

Try it out for free, read on for more details, or have a look at the detailed instructions.


Not doable with the standard Office tools…

Sending the same email to multiple people in the To line, or adding people to the CC and BCC fields is not doable with the standard Microsoft Word/Excel mail merge functionality. With you can do that, and also use specific email subject lines for each of the emails making it still less generic looking.

… unless you mess with VB code

You have probably read on forums that you should add some VBA code to do so. One page even warned “to follow the steps exactly”. If you're a developer and want to do it yourself, there is indeed probably no need to use But for the rest of us, messing around with code is just not realistic. Your task is to get these emails out, not to learn to code!

A couple of benefits you'll enjoy:

  • It's Fast
  • Easy
  • Highly customizable
  • It will prevent dumb mistakes
  • And save you follow-up time
  • All while being cheaper than other solutions

It's Fast...

You will save a lot of time and spare yourself ungrateful copy/paste work by generating emails in Outlook from data contained in an Excel spreadsheet. With customized emails to different contacts, your recipients won't receive anonymous, flat emails from you anymore.


It's a very simple and efficient process thanks to the embedded preview of the email and selection of who you want to send the emails to. No need to worry about Office version numbers either, works with all the versions supported by Microsoft.

Highly customizable

You decide how the columns are named in the spreadsheet, and use these names as [[tags]] in your text template. Complete freedom to use whatever information you want.

Also, by creating drafts in Outlook instead of directly sending them out, you can further adapt the message even more to your recipients. This is for instance useful to be a little less or more formal in your communication to some of your contacts.

You decide if you want to use a simple template containing plain text, or create nicely formatted emails using an HTML template.

Prevents dumb mistakes

No fussing around with the code editor in Microsoft Office products, or realizing after you manually copy/pasted emails that you forgot to change the name of the business hidden in the middle of your email!

Save follow-up time

Reach out to all the involved persons at once. If one of them Replies All, the others are informed as well. Otherwise, you would have had to manually resend the answer to all the others that would have been interested in the response as well.

Cheaper than other solutions

Other solutions charge you up to € 1200 if you are a big organization, our highest price is below 100 USD.

Going further

Try for free today. You can send up to five emails with the demo version, and there's no expiration date. If you don't want to pay for the full version, that's fine, just make sure you split your data out in Excel spreadsheets that don't have more than 5 lines ;)

Within a couple of clicks you'll have generated all the emails you need in Microsoft Outlook, all based on the same template, but each customized for the recipients. You can have different subjects for the emails, and have multiple recipients in the To, CC and BCC fields. And the handy Preview screen will let you visualize the emails even before they are created, so that you can adjust your template if you're not yet satisfied with how it looks like!

Have a look at the detailed instructions, you'll see it's all pretty simple.

Which version to choose, you might ask?


  • Download the demo version for free to test all the features. The demo version is limited to 5 emails, allowing you to figure out if is the tool for you before buying one of the other full versions.
  • The Pro version is the real deal! All the features you need, unlimited use for one single user. If you want to have multiple (unlimited) users in you company use the software, please buy the Enterprise version.
  • The Enterprise version has the same features as the Pro version, to be used by any number of persons at your company. If just one person is going to use the software, buying the Pro version will be cheaper (both versions have the same features).