About EmailMerge.cc
EmailMerge.cc is an initiative of Zorg Piloot B.V. (which would translate to "Care Pilot"). We are a small Dutch consulting company specialized in Electronic Medical Record implementations.

During one of our last implementations, we faced the recurring challenge of having to send the same message (for example: "Remember that the hospital is going live next week, please make sure you have time reserved to perform your transition tasks") to multiple dozens of external companies. And for each of the systems, we needed to inform various people at the company itself (who needed to be in the To line) as well as people in the hospital itself, working on the project (they needed to be in the CC line). Finally, working with the Mental Martial Arts productivity system, we wanted to put ourselves in the BCC line to allow for follow-up with the folks that would not confirm the actions asked in the emails.

Being software geeks, we're lazy. Meaning: we don't like to do multiple times the same low-value activity, such as copy/pasting the same message dozens of time, and then figuring out who to send the mails and replacing all the names of Company A with Company B.

That's where Mail Merge comes into play. But, and to keep it short as you've most likely done the same web searches as we did, there's just no simple way to perform this using the Microsoft Word Mail Merge function, as it is limited (from the previous paper era) to just one recipient per message. No multiple To for you, let alone CC or BCC. What? You wanted to have different subject too? What an eccentric you must be! ;)


So we set out to built the software that you can also use today: EmailMerge.cc

We hope you will save as much time as we did using this software. Just drop us a line at info@emailmerge.cc, or tweet us at @emailmergecc to let us know how much time you got back, or pass along any ideas or feature requests.

Oh, and by the way: future upgrades are included for free, just plain "no hassle" strategy. We just want to see you happy!

Just promise us you won't spam (but then: who would do that from Microsoft Outlook anyway...)


EmailMerge.cc is an initiative of Zorg Piloot B.V. which is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, under KvK-number 65378873, and our tax ID (BTW-nummer) is NL856088213B01.
Zorg Piloot B.V. is registered at the following address: Scheldestraat 31, 5215HA, Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Although we would be glad to see you in person, please do not show up unannounced.
You can also give us a call at +31647874688 (please observe the Europe/Amsterdam timezone).
Emilien Klein
Founder of Zorg Piloot B.V. and EmailMerge.cc
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