Send emails from Excel with CC and BCC
Send customized emails to your customers
Make your contacts feel that you are talking directly to them.
Stop sending generic emails out
You know your customers don't like receiving these generic emails.
"I absolutely love this product!"
J McLoughlin
Studio Director at Cornell Tech
"I absolutely love this product! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. makes it easy to communicate with a large group of people seamlessly and on a personal level without having to waste time with individual emails."
Send attachments
Easily add the same or different attachments to all your recipients
High or Low Priority
Indicate if the emails should go out with Normal, High or Low priority
Fast and Easy
Save time, no more copy/paste.
Handy embedded preview of the email and selection of who you want to send the emails to.
Not doable with the standard Office tools…
Sending the same email to multiple people in the To line, or adding people to the CC and BCC fields is not doable with the standard Microsoft Word/Excel mail merge functionality.
… unless you mess with VB code
You have probably read on forums that you should add some VBA code to do so. One page even warned “to follow the steps exactly”. Fine if you're a developer, but for the rest of us messing around with code is just not realistic. Your task is to get these emails out, not to learn how to code!
" gives me a lot of flexibility. It's a lot easier to use thanMicrosoft Mail Merge!"
Ted H.
CTO of an eCommerce Optimization Company
"I send a lot of personalized email, but preparing and tracking email going out to lot of different people is not easy. Sometimes I have a couple of email addresses for a single recipient, and sometimes I need to BCC myself or another stakeholders. is a great little tool that gives me a lot of flexibility. It’s a lot easier to use than Microsoft Mail Merge!"
Watch this Video to see howto get these emails out - Fast!
You decide how the columns are named in the spreadsheet, and use these names as [[tags]] in your text template. Complete freedom to use whatever information you want.

Also, if you choose to create drafts in Outlook instead of directly sending them out, you can further adapt the message even more to your recipients. This is for instance useful to be a little less or more formal in your communication to some of your contacts.

You decide if you want to use a simple template containing plain text, or create nicely formatted emails using a Word document or an HTML template.
Eric Reitz
Regional Manager at a Construction Company
"Thank you for a good product and working to make it better."
Buy the Full Version

Download the demo version for free to test all the features. The demo version is limited to 3 emails, allowing you to figure out if is the tool for you before buying one of the other full versions.

If you're happy with's functionalities, you can:

The price is lifetime. No yearly license or any of that, you pay once and can use it as long as you want, all future updates and new features included (you won't need to buy new versions). If you buy the Enterprise version, you can also use that with an unlimited number of users.

There are three flavors of the Full Version:

  • The Pro version is the real deal! All the features you need, unlimited use for one single user. If you want multiple (unlimited) users in you company to use the software, please buy the Enterprise version.
  • The Business version has the same features as the Pro version, but can be used by up to three users.
  • The Enterprise version has the same features as the Business version, to be used by an unlimited number of users at your company. If just one person is going to use the software, buying the Pro version will be cheaper.

Other than the number of users, all versions have the same features (multiple recipients in To, CC and BCC, adding attachments, High/Low priority, etc.)

George Z.
US Financial Services Company
"Using and could not be happier, it does exactly what we expected and more. They have been very responsive and easy to work with."
The Demo version is free to download
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